Prudent Man Plume Agate Rough
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From Vein Number Two
Click on images for a larger image and details. All images are produced from wet stones.
Call Steve Howard At 208-520-2449 or send an email to order. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail is Free for orders over $50.00.
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Plume Agate Rough V2R1s
V2R-1    $35.00

Agate Rough V2R-2s
V2R-2   $35.00

Agate Rough V2R-3s
V2R-3    $20.00 
Plume Agate Rough V2R4s
V2R-4   $38.00 

Plume Agate Rough V2R5s
V2R-5    $16.00
Agate Rough V2R-6s
V2R-6   $28.00 
Agate Rough V2R-7s
V2R-7    $18.00 
Plume Agate Rough V2R8s
V2R-8   $29.00 

Agate Rough V2R-9s
V2R-9    $19.00
Plume Agate Rough V2R10s
V2R-10    $22.00 
Agate Slab V2R-11s
V2R-11    $45.00


Plume Agate Rough V2R12s
V2R-12   $48.00

Prudent Man Mines
Steve Howard
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Idaho Falls, ID 83402
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